• Rice dishes are an intrinsic part of Indian cuisine
  • Comfort food can vary from person to person
  • Khichdi is a one-pot rice and lentil dish

There are days you want to try every exotic and innovative dish in the world and then there are days you can’t wait to go back home and sit back with your plate of dal chawal and watch the day go by. Comfort meals can vary from person to person. Some find solace in macaroni, some in instant noodles. However, in India, a peculiar obsession with rice cannot be denied. Ask anyone around you about their favourite comfort food, there are great chances of them naming at least one dish that contains rice. India is the largest producer of rice; it is an intrinsic part of a regular Indian diet. In many communities, a spread is deemed incomplete without rice.  

Here Are 8 Of Our Most Favourite Rice-Based Comfort Foods That Everyone Should Try:

1. Khichdi

The one-pot dish made with rice and lentil is one of the oldest desi delicacies we have known. You can make it soupy or thick and porridge like. Add vegetables in it, or keep it simple. Prepare it with a mix of dals or just one lentil of your choice. A plate of khichdi is bound to impress. Preferred accompaniments are curd, chutney, pickle and papad.

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The one-pot dish made with rice and lentil is one of the oldest desi delicacies we have known.

2. Rajma Rice

Rajma or kidney beans are prepared in myriad ways, in North India, it is mostly prepared in spicy gravy which is paired with, you guessed it- a piping hot portion of rice. You can also add some chop some onions on top of your rajma chawal for a wholesome experience.

3. Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi is a kind of a tangy curry made of besan and yogurt. While some prefer to have it with chapatis, there are others who would prefer kadhi with nothing else but rice. The dish has comfort written all over it – a must-try!

kadhi recipe

4. Curd Rice

The south Indian sensation has found fans up in north too. Rice and curd tempered with spices and peppers. Best enjoyed warm, the savoury dish may also help you feel happy. As per health experts, curd releases tryptophan that induces a sense of satisfaction.


The south Indian sensation has found fans up in north too.

5. Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice is another south Indian treat that we cannot get enough of. Rice mixed with some tamarind pulp and select spices, this tangy comfort meal will surely leave you craving for more.

tamarind rice recipe

6. Lemon Rice

South Indian lemon rice is a rice dish you can prepare in a jiffy. It is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest makeovers you can give to your left-over rice. Lemon and curry leaves are both bold in terms of flavour. You can pair lemon rice with sambar or coconut chutney.

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lemon rice

South Indian lemon rice is one of the easiest rice dishes 

7. Macher Jhol-Bhaat

A soulful fish curry made with rustic spices is a treat anytime of the day. Pair it with fresh-cooked rice and you have the secret formula to make any Bengali happy. Try it once and let us know.

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8. Bissi Bele Baath 

One of the widely popular recipes hailing from Karnataka, Bisi bele bath is  heart mixture of rice, vegetables and lentils. The one-pot meal is a treasure of nutrients. You can pair it with sambhar 

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There are many more curries and gravies we cannot imagine without rice, have we missed out on your favourite rice-based comfort dish? Do write to us in the comments section below!

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