• Germany started a new law asking retailers to print paper sales receipt.
  • Many bakers are against the law and are protesting against it.
  • This French pasty chef is making edible receipts as a mark of protest.

German authorities imposed a new law on January 1, 2020, decreeing all retailers to print a paper receipt for every purchase. This met with a lot of opposition from bakers across the country who saw this just as a waste of paper and a waste of efforts on their end to manage the receipts that were denied by the customers. The bakers reasoned that most of the customers refused to take the receipts, which were just had to be dumped by them. 

Among these bakers, French pastry chef Ludovik Gerboin in Bavaria chose to protest in his own unique way. ‘B(re)aking bad’ in the eyes of the law but not so bad in the eyes of dessert lovers, Ludovik Gerboin started printing edible sales receipt made of sugar and surmounted them beautifully on his pastries.
The chef said that in France, people usually dash out in the streets to mark their protest. He chose to adopt a better way to raise his voice.

It’s only with desserts that your appetite loses all its control. Even after a heavy meal, you can keep hogging on your favourite sweet treats without any limit. This bakery in Bavaria will let you continue enjoying the sweetness of your dessert well after finishing it. This for-the-way sales receipt is the perfect way to end your meal on-the-go. Right?

Let’s wait to see if this small but powerful tactic sends out a message that reaches the right ears and brings a change in the new law of making printed paper sales receipt mandatory.

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Source: food.ndtv.com