Nestled in a quiet alley of Malcha Market, CAARA at OGAAN is a sweet reminder of how at times, all you need is a sombre place to sit back and indulge in some soul-warming food. In a chilly evening of January, we decided to taste some hearty offerings of CAARA and were we impressed! The quaint café at Malcha Marg brings to table incredibly fresh flavours in a simple and classic European menu. We were assured the ingredients used in each dish are either carefully handpicked from local farms or sourced from renowned suppliers worldwide.

We tried their delectable hot chocolate, topped with creamy hot milk and marshmallows – just the head-start we needed. We also enjoyed the CAARA homebrew a soothing concoction made with the goodness of fresh ginger, turmeric, mint, lemon and honey.

In the starters, we found ourselves a little spoilt for choice, yet we think we made a nice call opting for wild mushroom bruschetta. One large bruschetta served with a medley of creamy wild mushrooms, sauteed in thyme and crispy potatoes. The real stars here are the ingredients, each surreptitiously elevating the flavours of the dish. Next, we moved to the sourdough flatbread. Fresh out of oven, the bread topped with artichoke, spinach, sausages, mozzarella and spicy pomodro is a treat for soul. The chilly and garlic prawns are a sizzling hot dish served with chilly oil, parsley and lime served with CAARA’s in-house sourdough rye bread. Although not as fiery as we imagined it to be, the dish manages to touch a chord for its bold blend.


Salad lovers may want to try their pesto and parmesan chicken salad. Made with Pesto Vinaigrette, herb crouton, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast strips and mixed herbs – the wholesome portion is enough to fill you up. They are pretty generous with the parmesan shavings too.

Their salmon fillet with sauce bourride also makes for a nice, nutritious supper. Seared salmon, braised fennel, pesto marinated baby potatoes, caper, green olives, and roasted vine tomatoes. Everything in this appetising mix works magic.

For desserts, we called for the Grandma’s carrot cake. If your humble gajrela got a gourmet makeover, it would taste something like this and you would love every bit of it. The dessert spells winter decadence and comfort. CAARA’s special carrot cake with cinnamon, cream cheese frosting and toasted almonds are a must-try. Chocolate lovers should not miss their flourless chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache. Melt-in-mouth and marvellous, this cake served as a fitting finale.

Where: 3&4, Malcha Marg, Block C, Market, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Cost For Two: INR 1800 For Two

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