Controlling that urge to go down and hit the empty streets in your vehicle is equally tempting if not more than the other for most of us. But being a responsible citizen, we must control this urge and what better way to do so by living those feelings, albeit virtually? And to do that, we at CarWale have a few video suggestions from Youtube that will aid your self-quarantine period.

New BMW Z4 | Is This The Ideal Sportscar?

BMW has reincarnated its zesty sportscar, the Z4. And now, it promises to offer a lot more than before. The unit you’ll be seeing in the video is finished in a shade of what BMW calls ‘San Francisco Red’. This beautiful shade matched with the experience of a drop-top monster is guaranteed to have left most of its bystanders in awe.

The Porsche 911: Reimagined By Singer, Driven By Enthusiasts

If you love classic cars, are a fan of 911 and prefer calm, soothing videos, this recommendation has all of that and some more. The 911 Singer is a very rare breed of car, it is modern yet a classic. Made as a bespoke, this video shows a bond between a man and his machine, and we couldn’t help but fall in a reminiscent of our own old cars and the unadulterated fun of driving them. We are sure, you’d want to appreciate classic cars more after watching other videos from Petrolicious.

Why do you like cars? – Gears and Gasoline

Lastly, ever saw a Tumblr post that put into words a feeling that you could never express yourself? Well, this video does that for us car nut. It tells you why we love cars, how we connect to these contraptions on four wheels which some people think nothing more than a mode of transport. Why cars are our happy place. It also introduces other car enthusiasts, explains different niches in the car kingdom, and how cars are not just passion, but so much more.

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