Yesterday was our chance to explore the show floor at CES. Today, Wednesday, January 8, we’ll be able to go back to really get in-depth with the products we want to play with.

We’ll be updating this post throughout Day 3 with the latest news, photos, product announcements, and more from the Digital Trends staff on the ground at CES 2020.

Faraday Future’s almost-autonomous shuttle

By Mathew Katz

9:20 a.m. We’ve been told again and again that autonomous cars are the future. Appropriately-named Faraday Future is hoping to show the power of its kind-of-autonomous fleet of electric vehicles with a new shuttle between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. CEO Carsten Breitfeld told our cars writer Ronan Glon that his company plans to provide a “first-class experience” that’s better than your typical business class flight, for the same price.

Faraday Future’s new car, the FF91, will debut with level-three autonomous technology, which means it will still need a shuttle driver to keep an eye on things. But the car has a huge rear-seat area with an entertainment system and a relaxing “spa mode” – giving you a better opportunity to sleep than your typical short-haul flight. Here’s our editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplan trying it out.

The end goal would be to reach level-five automation, meaning no driver is needed and you can have the whole car to yourself on your way between LA and Vegas.

Solid-state drives just keep getting smaller

By Brandon Widder

9:08 a.m. Fifteen years ago, your typical, 500MB SSD was roughly the size of a lunchbox (and cost 40x as much). Samsung’s latest external hard drive is a far cry from the early SSDs of yesteryear, however. Announced at CES, the T7 Touch Portable SSD is smaller than a business card, and comes in one of three sizes (500GB, 1TB, and 2TB). It also features a built-in fingerprint sensor — a first for Samsung — speeds up to 1,050 MB/S, and an activity light designed to alert you when the device is in use.

samsug launches t7 touch ssd ces 2020 samsung

No word on pricing or availability, but given its predecessor, the T5, was price around $200, we expect the T7 to be in the same ballpark.

A fridge that will finally make you cook

By Allison Matyus

8:47 a.m. If you’re the type of person who stares blankly at the contents of your fridge trying to figure out what you can make with what you already have, the new Samsung fridge is here to save you. 

Samsung debuted its Family Hub refrigerator at CES to help people actually use the food in their fridge instead of letting it go to waste. The refrigerator uses Samsung’s Whisk smart food platform and A.I. image recognition from a camera located in the fridge to scan what kind of food you have and what kind of recipes you can make with it. 

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The technology even tracks expiration dates, so you don’t have to worry about wondering if the mayo is bad. And for those with specific diet preferences like gluten-free or vegetarian, you can customize the platform to incorporate them. 

Now you have no excuse to order take out because “there’s nothing in the fridge to make.” 

Who you gonna call?

By Mathew Katz

8:35 a.m. Sony, apparently.

Jeans don’t fit? Blaming your Gene’s? There’s an app for that

By Maya Shwayder

7:24 a.m. Our own Andy Boxall has the lowdown from Day 2 on a startup called DnaNudge that will take a sample of your DNA (advertisers, rejoice) and analyze it to determine what foods are best for you. You then can download an app to your phone or get your code loaded into a wristband, and start scanning the bar codes of foods at supermarkets, and get a literal thumbs-up or thumbs-down from the app as to whether you should eat this food, based on your body chemistry. Interestingly, the company does not bill itself as a weight-loss app, but rather says they’re focused on health care and prevention.

DNA Nudge
Andy Boxall/DigitalTrends

Isn’t living in the future cool? Isn’t random private companies holding on to all your genetic secrets kind of creepy and invasive? Am I seriously considering doing this because eating healthy is nigh-impossible in 21st century America because all of our food is made out of dehydrogenated corn syrup and sugar?

To all of these questions and more I say: No! Maybe…yes.

Because if the nexus of cool/creepy/invasive/convenient ISN’T where the tech industry is living its best life these days, I don’t know where is. 

Power for your EV and your house

By Allison Matyus 

6:41 a.m. An EV charger that debuted at CES not only charges cars, but it can also even power your house as a backup. 

The Wallbox Quasar can provide the equivalent of about two days’ power to your houseboy using the EV sitting in your garage or driveway. Right now, it only works with the Nissan Leaf, the Nissan NV200, and the Mitsubishi Outlander, but there’s the possibility it could support Tesla models in 2021. 

wallbox quasar bidirectional EV charger

Not only does it charge your home, but it also looks nice in your home, too. It kind of resembles the smart thermostats on the market. 

It’ll cost you though: The Wallbox Quasar will set you back $4,000, which if my math serves me correctly, is a LOT of electric bills. 

Our takeaways from Day 2

By Mathew Katz

My favorite read from yesterday comes from Senior Editor Matthew Smith, who has been on something of a tear against high-tech PC monitors. After trying out a few gamer-friendly televisions on the CES show floor, he writes that TVs like LG’s CX-series OLEDs might be a better pick for people who want a top-tier gaming experience. Get ready to see more gamer-friendly features on your televisions in the coming years, he says.

Speaking of gaming, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful gaming tech as CES this year. One of the most interesting is the Razer Kishi, which essentially turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch.

Senior Writer Jenny McGrath got her hands on the OxiCool, a zero-emission air conditioner that can chill your entire house using water. It uses about 10% of the electricity of a traditional air conditioner and, unlike many things at CES, you can actually pre-order it starting on January 10.

Oh, and yesterday, Ivanka Trump spoke at CES. She didn’t really say anything.

For a complete roundup of the past few days at CES, check out yesterday’s Day 2 Live Blog and Monday’s Day 1 Live Blog.

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