Guwahati: CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury asked the chief ministers of non BJP ruled states to oppose National Population Register (NPR). Yechury said like left parties ruled Kerala these non BJP ruled states must adopt a resolution opposing Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Congress in Assam announced that it decided to join hands with all anti CAA forces to fight for protection of the indigenous people of the state even as the party is also open to have alliance with alternate political party against the CAA. Congress launched signature campaign against CAA and is targeting to garner 20 lakh signatures.

Yechury who was in Guwahati on Friday while addressing a rally said, “At least 13 chief ministers of non BJP ruled states have stated that they are against National Register of Citizens (NRC). However these chief ministers must oppose NPR and like Kerala must adopt a resolution stating that CAA will not be implemented in their states. Already West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has stated that she will oppose NPR.”

He said, “After Kerala adopted the resolution some people said that CAA is a Central law and how can a state reject it. Let me tell them laws may be enacted by Centre however state government implements it. Implementation is the work of the states. ”

Stating that students across 100 colleges and Universities are opposing CAA, he said, “BJP is resorting to communal polarization for vote bank politics. BJP has come out with buy one get three package, buy CAA, you get NRC , NPR free and again NRC and NPR is a joint package.”

Yechury added, “In parliament BJP government had stated that they are bring NPR so that based on it nation wide NRC would be made. In NPR they are asking six new question. When is your parent born and where. After NPR entire country will have Doutful voters like Assam. We supported Assam accord . Even BJP supported Assam NRC. That’s why we wanted Assam and northeast out of CAA.”

He added, “Government is saying no Muslims will be thrown out and we are giving citizenship to religiously persecuted in three countries , but the basic question where is it written that citizenship is linked to religion from this country, we are fighting this anomaly .”

He added, “Why only three country, what about Tamil refugees? What about the Rohingyas ? Why are you selective about refugees”.

The Act, which aims to make minority communities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan eligible to apply for Indian citizenship is being challenged in the Supreme Court. The court has issued a notice to the Centre on a batch of 59 petitions challenging the validity of CAA. The next date of hearing is January 22.

He added, “Se where violence took place following CAA, in Uttar Pradesh, Assam and karnataka , all ruled by BJP. In Assam five people were killed in Karnataka two and in Uttar Pradesh 21 died. The government is accusing us of inciting violence by taking to misinformation campaign. However Prime minister Narendra Modi is misinforming the people on CAA. If people opposing the government, they are branded as speaking in the language of Pakistan.”

Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president, Ripun Bora said that the party is ready to support the alliance to any new political front that opposes CAA. Former chief minister, Tarun Gogoi said, “Congress will form the government in Assam after 2021 election. However, I cannot say that we will be the single majority party.”

Following the anti CAA protest there is a move to form a regional political party for contesting 2021 assembly polls.

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