Diabetes is one of the latest demons engulfing the world today and people are looking for every way out to fight the latter. It seems like a recent study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found a new way to control blood sugar. A new research from University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus has suggested that ketone monoester drinks, a popular new food supplement, might help in the same. As per the study, exogenous ketones make it possible to reach a state of ketosis that might improve metabolic control in human beings.

It is to mention that the ketone monoester drinks, which are in the market for last few years, have very little research on their influence on metabolism. Hence, the primary objective of this study was to determine whether the ingestion of this drink before a two-hour oral-glucose-tolerance test (OGTT), which is gold standard for making the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, would lower blood glucose concentrations.

As per the researchers, they conducted an experiment with 15 people who consumed a ketone drink after fasting overnight. After 30 minutes, they were then asked to drink a fluid containing 75 grams of sugar while blood samples were taken. The participants and the study personnel performing laboratory analyses were blinded to each condition. It turned out that ketone drink reduced their glucose level compared to the control drink, with no changes to their insulin.

As a result, the research suggested that a single Ketone drink might actually improve metabolic control in obese people. However, further research is needed to examine whether it could be safely used to have longer-term effects on metabolic control.

Till then, we can keep ourselves happy with the thought that at least there is a new ray of hope for the diabetes monster!

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