BENGALURU: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged DRDO to rethink and reshape itself to play a significant role in the 21st century with youth power and play a vital role in aiding nations suffering from terrorism.

“This is a decade which will decide what will be the strength of India and where we will be in the world map.

This decade is also all about the youth power, young innovators, especially those innovators who were either born in the 21st century or grew young in this century,” he said after dedicating to the nation five DRDO Young Scientists Laboratories.

These labs will come up in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai where scientists below the age of 35 get priority to contribute for research and development. The Prime Minister reminded the scientists that they have an opportunity to not only serve the nation,but also the world in terms of security in view of growing threat of terrorism.

“Today there are many nations who do not have any threat of border related insecurities as they are all surrounded by friendly nations.

But such nations too had never thought they will have to use weapons because there was never any threat of war as the borders were open, clean and an affectionate relation existed.

However, such nations too are under the grip of terrorism and they had to pick up arms.

The Defence Research and Development Organistion can help such nations in their internal security, Modi said.

Explaining the predicament of such nations, he said whenever he met the leaders of such nations, he could sense that their requirements were growing exponentially.

Despite limited resources, they are forced to think about the emerging threats, he said, adding that India can assist them in addressing their security concerns.

“Your efforts in this direction will be a service to humanity and will strengthen India’s position in the world stage,” said Modi calling upon scientists to help India assist the terror hit nations. The Prime Minister also urged the scientists and innovators present to realise DRDO’s potential and make India self-reliant in the field of defence and assured them that he the government was completely with them.

“Your capability is vast, you can do many things, widen your horizons,change the parameters of your performance…fly spreading wings…there are opportunities, I’m with you,” he said.

On the appointment of General Bipin Rawat as Chief of Defence Staff (CDS),he said the creation of the new post would bring a major change and it would have a bearing on DRDO too. He pointed out that the need for a post like CDS was felt for better coordination, synergy and integration between the three armed forces long back and was part of BJP’s commitment to the nation, which has been fulfilled.

Modi said DRDO should be prepared to take up the challenge where threats would not be just limited to the air and sea, but also cyber and space, which will all decide the strategic dynamics.

“You all are aware that along with air and sea, cyber and space will define the world’s strategic dynamics.

Along with this, intelligent machines will play a key role in the defence sector in the days to come.

In such a situation, India cannot lag behind,” he said.

Speaking about the idea behind the Young Science Laboratory, the Prime Minister said the youth have immense capacity, dreams, aspirations and ability to take risks.

He said the government is ready to incur losses due to the trial and error at these DRDO Young Scientists Laboratories as something creative would come out from it.

According to the DRDO, each such lab will work on a key advanced technology of importance to the development of futuristic defence systems such as Artificial intelligence, Quantum technologies, Cognitive technologies, Asymmetric technologies and Smart materials.

“The inspiration to start such laboratories came from the Prime Minister on the occasion of DRDO award function held on August 24, 2014,” a press release said.

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