Ever Heard Of Bread 65? Try This Quick-Bread Snack At Home With This Recipe

You can put together something quick and yummy with few pieces of bread


  • You can prepare a myriad dishes using breads
  • Bread 65 is an interesting Indo-Chinese treat
  • This eclectic dish is sure to strike a chord with kids and adults, alike

A humble loaf of bread has been our saviour on countless occasions. Whether you are pressed for time for breakfast or have unexpected guests coming over – you know you can put together something quick and yummy with few pieces of bread. For all those who consider themselves a novice in kitchen, a slice of bread may serve as a good starting point. You can prepare a myriad dishes using the same, and they almost, always turn out impressive. From snacks to desserts, the range is really endless – and you have been using them just to make sloppy sandwiches!

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This recipe of ‘Bread 65′ by popular food blogger and YouTuber Parul is ideal for evenings when you are craving something yummy and eclectic. You must have tried chicken 65, paneer 65 and gobhi 65, but we are sure not many of you would have tried bread 65. This saucy dish is peppered with all things yummy. The recipe was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Parul’. Make sure you keep the pieces of bread thick (the recipe combines two slices of bread), this will ensure better cooking. When you fry them, they’ll have a look and feel of fried paneer cubes. It is a good idea to cut away the edges of the bread too. Make sure you coat the bread well in the cornflour batter.

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Try this yummy recipe at home and let us know how you like it.

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