You know how sometimes you want to step out to eat, but you also want the comfort of your home. You don’t want to be intimated by confusing food choices, yet wish to enjoy good flavours singing through. If that is the mood you are in, we have found just the right place for you! The newly opened Fabcafe in Noida sector 104 is the epitome of earthy decor combined with great fusion food.

We started with the classic ‘Chicken Tikka Salad’ and the ‘Jhalmuri Salad’. The Chicken Tikka salad came with an interesting presentation and tickles your taste buds by delivering on the quintessential ‘Dilli ka Chicken Tikka’ flavour. The Bengali sensation Jhalmuri  is given an interesting spin in the ‘Jhalmuri salad’ with quinoa and rice puffs, mixed with roasted peanuts and makhanas dressed up with citrusy sauce.

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We then moved on to the ‘Not so classic Momos’, made with jackfruit flour and the quirky yet delightful take on Lucknow’s ‘Gol Gappe’, called ‘No Guilt Gol Gappas’ served with 3 three types of deliciously flavoured water – tangy pomegranate, pineapple, and mint. The Galouti Kebabs on Kuttu Discs, could have been much better if the discs were thinner and not overpowering the taste of the delicate kebabs.

For the main course, we had something that we unanimously declared as the showstopper of our fare-The ‘Fabcafe Dal Makhani’. This dal might not have been cooked for days and nights before being served, but the hearty flavours are sure to tug at your heart strings. The other dish that surprised us was the Chicken Chettinad. It didn’t remind us much of the Mangalorean Chicken Chettinad, but surely delighted us with the comfortable winter flavours of nutmeg, black pepper and Laung. The choice of breads was also healthy and amusing to pair with the main dishes.

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We concluded the meal with the Mango Cashew Cheesecake Tart and the Fabcafe Chocolate Cake. While the Mango Cashew Cheesecake elegantly treated our taste buds with a light layer of creamy cheesecake (cashew-based) topped with Mango Jam, the Fabcafe Chocolate Cake was the underdog of the entire saga, winning us not just by dollops of dark chocolates, but also by its spongy texture and the walnut-y under-crust.

If you are going to Fabcafe any time soon, you might not just get delighted by their fusion healthy meal options, but also end up licking fingers because of some of the most quintessential dishes served just right.

Where: Starling Mall, Sector 104, Noida
Price For Two: INR 1400