Facebook said its video-on-demand service Facebook Watch has emerged as one of the most preferred platforms in India for creators and fans to connect with each other.

The social media giant said Facebook Watch has a wide range of shows to offer which appeal to a diverse Indian audience.

“With a focus on constantly working towards building and enabling great video experiences, Facebook has been committed to create an avenue which provides a range of video offerings where audience is not only consuming content but where they can follow video creators they care about, start conversations about the content they watch with their friends,” Facebook said in a press statement.

The company added that users have virtually connected around videos through interactive features such as comments, shares, reactions, polls, Groups, messages and Watch Parties on Facebook Watch.

It added that with an “exciting line-up of shows” on Facebook Watch, fans are getting a chance to watch some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry and popular social media creators including chef Kunal Kapoor, Iqbal Khan, music duo Salim-Sulaiman and Faye D’Souza.

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