New Delhi: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has begun a drive to remove all kinds of speed breakers on national highways, particularly at toll plazas to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

“Considering the fact that National Highways are designed to cater to high speed traffic without any hindrance, NHAI has started drive to remove speed breakers from national highways under its jurisdiction,” the authority said in a statement on Tuesday.

While the authority has already mandated implementation of FASTag on toll plazas and conversion of cash toll lanes to FASTag lanes, the speed breakers or rumble strips constructed at toll plazas are being removed with immediate effect for smooth vehicular movement.

Since 15th December 2019, at least 75% of toll lanes at toll plazas in the country are using FASTags for toll collection, in order to phase out toll collection in cash, a move that will also help reduce congestion at toll plazas.

In a letter sent to NHAI in July this year, the highways ministry had asked for conversion of all toll lanes at all national highways to ‘FASTag lanes’.

The RFID-based FASTag affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle allows for direct payment of fee from the prepaid or savings account linked to it, and enables vehicles to drive through toll plazas without stopping for transactions.

Roads of different categories and under different situations are designed for designated speeds at which vehicles can travel with convenience and safety. At certain locations, control of speed becomes necessary to promote orderly traffic movement and improved safety.

“The speed breakers result in considerable delay, damage to the vehicles and significant discomfort to vehicle occupants and more fuel consumption due to acceleration and deceleration,” the statement said.

This will also ensure avoidable wastage of transportation fuel for which country is heavily import-dependent, and will also result in lesser pollution, NHAI said.

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