Healthy Diet: Make Quick And Healthy Turkish Snack In A Mug; Watch Recipe Video

This Turkish-special Ashura is delicious and healthy.


  • This quick, easy and healthy Turkish snack is perfect for evening hunger.
  • It is a popular dish in Turkey known as Ashura.
  • It contains the goodness of various healthy foods.

Snack time often makes us give in to our temptations and makes us pick anything to kill our untimely hunger. While all those fries, chips and chaats are extremely delicious, it may not be wise to have them every day if you want to keep fit. It might be difficult to find healthy snacking options in the market, so make one at home. This quick, easy and healthy Turkish snack is the perfect dish that will please your taste buds and satiate your hunger at the same time. It’s a melting pot of various flavours from various health-giving foods that will fit in well in your healthy diet.

Puffed wheat, sesame seeds, chopped almonds, dry cranberry, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins are combined to make a mix trail, which is flavoured with cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and salt. A good amount of honey and some brown sugar are included to add some sweetness to it. This is a popular dish in Turkey called Ashura, and is made in different ways there to convert it into breakfast in a mug, or post-meal dessert as well. If you are following a weight loss diet, you can reduce the amount of oil and avoid brown sugar, and tuck into it guilt-free. Make this snack for the entire family; we are sure everyone’s going to love it.

The recipe video is shared by food vlogger and chef, Raji, on her YouTube channel ‘Chef Raji Gupta’. This video shows how to make this delicious snack in few easy steps.

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