High-Protein Breakfast: Start 2020 On A Healthier Note With This Oats And Soya Pancake Recipe

Quick and easy pancakes to prepare at home.


  • Protein are the building blocks to our body
  • Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day
  • Here is a delicious high-protein breakfast recipe to make at home

Is your new resolution this year to start eating healthy, just like most of us? Every New Year we make such resolutions that we eventually forget and are back to where we started. But, let this new decade be little different. This time we must make attempt to eat healthy and stick to the plan. Start by taking smaller steps and by changing one meal at a time. Let’s begin the change with the most important meal of the day; breakfast. Breakfast is widely accepted as the most important meal of the day that acts as the fuel that charges us up to keep going for the rest of the day.

And yet, it is one of the most ignored meals of the day. A breakfast should be a healthy mix of nutrients and most of all, rich with protein. Protein is an important macro-nutrient required by our body to help build, repair and retain the muscle mass besides promoting satiety and regulating body weight. Starting the day with a high-protein meal would not only keep you full for long but also keep unhealthy bingeing at bay.

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A high-protein breakfast works as a great fuel for the body.

So for a high-protein meal that is not just healthy but delicious, quick and easy, we have got you covered with an amazing breakfast recipe you can prepare at home in a jiffy. Oat and soya pancakes is a savoury mix of oats, ground with soya flour, chillies, coriander and ginger-garlic paste into a batter and cooked into a thick pancake. Oats and soya both are excellent vegetarian sources of protein. They not only boast of multiple health benefits but also keep our body full for long. Pancakes are a classic breakfast option and this recipe would just make it all the healthier. Oats and soya pancakes is a super quick recipe, which wouldn’t take more than half an hour and one can cook it even amid the morning rush.

Find the recipe of oats and soya pancakes here. Try at home to begin 2020 on a healthier note and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

Happy New Year 2020!

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