Treat your family with this tangy treat.


  • Paneer is an incredible source of protein and calcium
  • You can prepare a range of snacks with paneer
  • Achaari paneer is an excellent appetiser

There’s something about paneer that can add a tempting quality to the most banal dishes. We love paneer so much that we can have it for appetisers, mains and desserts. Don’t believe us? Try putting together a feast with paneer tikka, shahi paneer and paneer kheer, and we are sure it will find scores of takers. The best bit about paneer is that it is a hit among both decadent foodies and healthy-eaters. A rich source of protein and calcium, paneer can prove to be a healthy addition to your weight loss diet. Paneer is easily one of the most versatile ingredients and it is so easy to cook too, so why look anywhere else if you have a cube of it at home. If you are wondering, what new can you make with paneer today; we are here to help!

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This achari paneer recipe by famous food blogger and YouTuber, Manjula Jain, is one startling appetiser you can serve at your next house gathering. Instead of paneer tikka or paneer pakodas, treat your family with this tangy treat. To prepare this recipe, you would need fresh paneer, salt, turmeric, yogurt, olive oil, whole red chillies, hing, onion seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, black pepper, fennel seeds and baby spinach leaves. This healthy treat is made with super healthy olive oil, so you can munch on them with much less guilt. Being rich in protein, paneer help in filling you up; if you feel full, there are good chances that you would refrain from all things fried and fattening.

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