Here’s a sprout and corn chaat recipe for a high-protein meal to include in your weight loss diet.


  • Sprouts are a treasure trove of health benefits
  • It can be added to a number of dishes to make a wholesome meal
  • Here is a sprouts and corn chaat recipe that you can try at home

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or have just started dieting, you would know the importance of proteins. The nutrient not only helps build muscles, it also aids muscle recovery besides other health benefits that it provides; one of them being facilitating weight loss. Protein takes a while to digest and stays in our system for a long time, thus inducing the feeling of fullness. And, if we are satiated for long, we would be able to avoid mindless munching.

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When it comes to sources of protein, we have them around in scores. While animal-based sources of protein are aplenty, vegetarians find it tough to find one. But, here we are with one plant-based source of protein that is not only power-packed with the nutrient; it also makes our meal delicious. Sprouts are such an addition to your meal that can instantly increase its nutritional value. They are usually eaten raw and are packed with fibre and negligible amount of calories. Sprouts may also aid blood circulation and boost digestion. If you are wondering how to include sprouts in your diet in a way that they provide you with something palatable yet high on nutrition, here we are with a quick and easy high-protein recipe that can also help with weight loss.

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Sprouts and corn chaat is a hearty mix of boiled mixed sprouts and corn with an array of spices along with onion, tomato, lemon and pomegranate. These are tossed in a tangy coriander chutney that can be easily made at home too.

A refreshing amalgamation of taste and flavour, sprouts and corn chaat from NDTV Food’s YouTube channel can be your morning meal or a mid-day snack as well. For more such amazing recipes, kitchen hacks and trivia, subscribe to NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

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