Manufacturing is one of the many sectors which can benefit immensely from data science. Every industry is somehow related to the manufacturing industry as they all depend on goods, either to sell or to manufacture a final product.

Data science in manufacturing

There is a huge amount of data present today regarding products, demand, supply, consumer preference, manufacturers etc. The main reason why all this data can be helpful is that the industries can now harness the knowledge so that they can satisfy the needs and demands of their customers without any delay or lack of quality.

Data science can be helpful regarding manufacturing in many ways like:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Customization of the products
  • Detecting any kind of anomaly in the supply chain or product
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automating the entire process of purchase and order
  • Offer different personalized services to the customers and clients

Sourcing of data for the manufacturing industry

Data is everywhere and all these data are precious if used properly. In a value chain, one can find several types of data like sales, supply, maintenance data etc. Other than that, even the consumers are producing a lot of data because, today, many of the appliances and device are installed with sensors which give data about the product and its behavior. This is the best way to know about the quality of the product and to know how and where there is an anomaly in the performance.

There is also a lot of data present in the plant histories and ERP systems as they are a great source of data for production capabilities, operations, and processing. Maintainance logs and machine readings, asset data, manuals etc. are also good sources of data. Certain types of data can be collected by using surveys, call centers, focus groups etc. as the means to collect data.

Benefits of using data science in the manufacturing industry

There are many ways big data can be implemented in manufacturing and as a result, one can get many advantages out of it like:

  • Optimization of operations

Using big data properly means the industry can increase the overall responsiveness of the manufacturing sector, use the capacity of resources to the fullest, get a clear picture of the costing, and also take quick decisions regarding the operations.

  • Reduce risks in the supply chain

Using data from all around the globe on different political, economic and climatic issues, one can design the supply chain pattern so that there can be an effective working chain keeping in mind all other contingencies.

  • Reduce costs

Using predictive analysis of the data, the industries can now invest smartly on projects which are valuable and also focus on buying equipment and machinery which will reduce the cost of the production and enhance the overall performance thus cutting costs throughout.

  • Improve the quality of products

Having enough data regarding customer insights on a certain product and how a certain product behaves, one can use that to improve quality. Data science is also helpful in customization of the products according to the consumers and their demographics.

  • After sales service

Today, marketing is no more product oriented or manufacturer oriented, it is entirely customer oriented as it is not enough just to sell a product, but also to make sure that the customer gets quality service even after sales. Using predictive analysis and customer services, one can up the quality of the customer-seller relation.

Source by Shalini M