Chicken Lasagna Recipe: Lasagne is every cheese lover’s dream.


  • Lasagne is a one-pot delicious dish full with cheese
  • It has layers of lasagne pasta, veggies, meat and cheese
  • Here’s how you can make chicken lasagna at home

Can we ever say no to a delicious bowl of pasta? Well, we know we can’t! Penne, spaghetti or ravioli, pasta holds a special place in our hearts. And if it is lasagne on the table, pasta lovers are sure to slurp a little! Lasagne is a type of flat pasta that is believed to be possibly the oldest. It is made with stacked layers of pasta alternating with delicious sauces along with cheese, veggies or meat. And if you are someone who loves to dig-in all things cheesy, then lasagne is the perfect dish for you.

Lasagne is one of the most popular Italian delights globally with a lip-smacking repertoire of variety. Crunchy veggies (or juicy meat) seamlessly layered with oodles of cheese and béchamel sauce make for a yummy brunch dish, isn’t it? And while penne arrabbiata or alfredo pasta seem to be quite an easy ones to make at home, thanks to readymade packs and quick microwave recipes, lasagne is yet to have a reputation of an easy homemade recipe. But we have a chicken lasagne recipe that might make you consider making a perfect, cheesy one at home and surprise the kids this weekend!

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No more ordering from or going to that Italian restaurant you love, you can make that perfect lasagne at home! In this chicken lasagne recipe, lasagne is prepared fresh with pasta dough and assembled over freshly made creamy homemade béchamel sauce. It is layered with succulent chicken dumplings made of minced chicken, seared and cooked in white wine, baked to perfection and served with a garnishing of truffle oil. The béchamel sauce used in this recipe is a creamy melange of milk, sautéed mushrooms, morels, onion and flour which lends a rich texture to the lasagne.

The pasta dough would need a few hours to rest, so plan accordingly. You can make the dough a night before and let it rest if you plan to make it for brunch.

Find the full recipe of chicken lasagne here.

A fuss-free lasagne recipe made from scratch which is not just a delicious affair but also a fun kitchen activity to try with kids, who might love to prepare a treat for themselves!

Try it at home and share the experience with us in the comments section below.

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