MUMBAI: Multiple business persons came to the fore in support of the students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University and called for swift justice after unidentified, masked goons infiltrated the college campus and attacked students and faculties on Sunday night.

Harsh Goenka, Harsh Mariwala, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and Anand Mahindra, amongst others, voiced their support on Twitter for the JNU students saying that there was no place for violence on educational premises, no matter what the political leanings of those involved.

“Coming from the land of non-violence, it’s unbecoming of us to witness and encourage these acts of violence,” the chairman of Marico said on the micro-blogging website.

Meanwhile, Goenka of RPG Group said that when he prayed for the victims of bushfires in Australia, his family asked him to pray for India, where “religious bushfires (are) lit all over the country and students (are) being attacked mercilessly”.

Retweeting a video of an injured student narrating the incident, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the managing director of Biocon said, “This is unpardonable. Violence cannot be condoned.”

Axis Bank Executive Director Rajiv Anand too commented on problems in the country on Monday, although he didn’t specifically mention the JNU incident. “The economy is in tatters. The social fabric torn. India stands exposed,” the banker said.

Mahindra even called for justice for the students. “Those who invaded JNU tonight must be traced and hunted down swiftly and given no quarter,” he said on Sunday. Thousands responded to the Mahindra Group Chairman’s stance on condemning the violence; over 7 million follow him on Twitter.

There were some critiques as well, who said his statements came too late as there have been instances of violence on campuses earlier too in the aftermath of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests. “This is carefully crafted qualified condemnation,” said one user.

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