Indian Cooking Tips: Make Quick And Easy Gajar Ka Halwa In Just 15 Minutes (Recipe Video)

Make gajar ka halwa quickly with this recipe video.


  • Gajar ka halwa is a winter-special dessert made with seasonal carrots.
  • Make gajar ka halwa without regular milk and khoya in just 15 minutes.
  • This recipe video will give you some tips to make it quickly.

We wait all through summers to binge on gajar ka halwa in winters. It is a winter-special dessert made with seasonal carrots that are naturally a little sweet. There is nothing like ending your meal with a bowl of hot, sweet and milky gajar ka halwa. The only problem with this dish is that it takes a lot of time to cook. Shredded carrots or gajar are cooked in milk till it is completely absorbed by the vegetable. If you are not willing to put in so much time standing in the kitchen in this chilly weather, here’s a simple trick that can cut down the cooking time.

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This recipe video from YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ can help you make gajar ka halwa without regular milk and khoya in just 15 minutes. It lets you eliminate the time taken to cook milk and khoya (mawa) and make your favourite winter dessert in no time. Replace milk with milk powder, which is actually dried milk, made by evaporating milk.

Once you’ve peeled and shredded the carrots, cook them in some ghee (clarified butter). Remember to cover the pan so that carrots are cooked faster. Add sugar, dry fruits, cardamom powder (elaichi), some more ghee and milk powder. Cook for few minutes again and you’re done. This can be your go-to recipe when you have to make something sweet quickly for your family. It is also the ideal quick dessert to keep ready for your guests, when you are strapped of time. 

Watch the recipe video of gajar ka halwa without milk:

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