HYDERABAD: Majority of political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir detained following the abrogation of Article 370 have been set free now and the remaining about 20 -25 would “hopefully’ be released in the next few weeks, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said on Friday.

“Majority of the leaders are free now. About 20-25 of them are still in detention. I am hopeful that they will be set free by the end of this month or maybe next few weeks,” he told here on the sidelines of an event.

He was asked when the detained political leaders would be allowed to participate in normal activities.

The curbs on internet are being “progressively” removed and the services would be fully restored in the entire Union Territory ‘very soon,’ he said.

“Mobile services are fully operational now, including messaging service and I am sure very soon the internet services will also be fully restored in the entire Union Territory,” Madhav said.

On the visit of foreign envoys, the BJP leader said it was an important event to tell the entire world about the true situation in the valley.

“The valley is peaceful after the important measures that we have taken. People of the valley largely are today in a mood to welcome more development, more progress that is what the envoys who have visited the valley must have experienced there,” he said.

Provisions of Article 370, which gave special status to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, were abrogated by the Centre on August 5 last year. Several leaders including former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah have been put under detention.

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