When Mark Wahlberg commits to something, he fully commits. Whether it’s waking up before sunrise to train or getting attached to wires and thrown around while filming an action movie, the actor doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He’s proved that once again with his most recent Infinite transformation.

Wahlberg’s been filming the action movie Infinite and he recently showed off the results of the regimen he’s been on for the past sixth months. He took to Instagram to describe the innerworkings of his regimen, writing: “Six months of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Aquahydrate, and F45 training!! Clean eating. Inspired to be better, team training / life changing.”

As for F45 Training, it’s something Wahlberg has enjoyed doing so much that he’s invested in the company himself. He even brought equipment with him to London while working on Infinite so he could continue the high-intensity workouts while shooting.

“When I walked in the gym, I was just blown away,” Wahlberg said about first seeing an F45 training class. “I saw a 50-year-old woman working out with a college athlete, pushing him. The energy is incredible. I did a couple of the workouts and fell in love.”

Here’s a look at Wahlberg after six months:

Wahlberg has a very busy 2020 coming up, as he has both Good Joe Bell and Infinite hitting theaters, plus he’ll be filming the highly anticipated Uncharted movie alongside Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Travis Knight (Bumblebee) is reportedly directing that film and is also set to direct Wahlberg in his long-in-the-works Six Billion Dollar Man film. Along with that, Wahlberg has the mystery thriller Wonderland coming out for Netflix with his frequent collaborator, director Peter Berg.

So, yeah, it looks Wahlberg really is the hardest-working person in Hollywood. Read his full cover story from the December 2019 issue here.

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