Data scientists have completely revolutionized the digital world because of its dominance in many fields. With the increasing application of automation, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence simple tasks are being exchanged with technology. The add-ons of data science course is immense as there is potential for professionals to move up the ladder and find many job opportunities where machines are not that important and you are basically more dependent on available knowledge. This course can give you a competitive edge with respect to others but for that it is important that you keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies in the market to get a better understanding about the needs of people.


The reach of data science is enlarging day by day with the amount of advantages that this course can give you. But there are some specific skills which will help you, the role of the data scientist basically is to search and read the data, processing and representing it and bringing sense of the data for practical use. This course is for people who have an interest in analyzing and visualizing data with mathematical and technical skills as a necessary requirement. Along with that a data scientist should also be a good communicator so that he can present his insights to other people who are from non technical fields. Having business acumen would make your ideas more interesting and bankable as companies vouch for it.


There are many amazing benefits and best things about data science which are: They are very much in demand as companies rely on them for to identify the requirements of targeted audience and help to make well informed better decisions. They have high business value as the industries bank on them for profit. Data scientists carry out thorough analysis and find the solutions through surveys by making models. They also help in assessing risks and keeping the company data secure. Glancing through thousands of resumes during recruitment has become easy through data science as you can shortlist the required profile through company database, job search sites and get the best outcome.


Like in all fields data scientists too face some challenges which they confront everyday during completion of their professional goals some of them being:

  • One of the common challenges occurring is company politics where your inputs are taken into consideration while decision making and lack of support from the management for the same,
  • The privacy, security and misleading errors in the data which affect, not being able to acquire tools which can solve problems due to company scale,
  • Lack of experts in data science department and specific domains along with shortage of funds arise problems while extraction of data and other processes
  • And the last important one being not able to properly analyze the data and how to move forward with the available data is the big question.

Source by Shalini M