‘Oodles of chocolate oozing with every bite’- that is how we’d end up describing pretty much all our favourite desserts. For chocolate lovers, there’s no such thing like ‘too much chocolate’. This is why, whenever anyone conceives any dish and decides to throw in some chocolate in the mix, we are all up for it. Fusion has become the order of the day. Many restaurants are trying to offer us something new and innovative using several ingredients that have ruled the roost so far, chocolate being one of them.  Chocolate is an incredibly versatile ingredient. It sits well with almost all sorts of flour. You must have tried chocolate pies, chocolate croissants, and chocolate tarts but have you tried chocolate samosas yet? Yes, you heard us. Samosa is one of India’s most beloved snacks. It is a triangular puff that is typically stuffed with a spiced potato filling. The deep-fried snack is teamed with tamarind or coriander chutney. Some people also pair samosa with chole ki sabzi and chopped onions.

Chocolate Filling For Samosa: Yay Or Nay?

Apart from potatoes, other popular samosa fillings are keema, noodle and cheese etc. Samosa is widely popular as a savoury snack, but what if we tell you it tastes equally amazing with sweet stuffing too. Of late, people are experimenting with the snack and its potential as a dessert;  mawa samosa, halwa samosa and chocolate samosa are also gaining traction in the F&B world.

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Samosa is widely popular as a savoury snack

Chocolate Samosa Recipe

Preparing chocolate samosa at home is actually not that tough a feat. With this chocolate samosa recipe, you can prepare the dessert cum snack at home and take your friends and family by surprise. To make this recipe, you would need – refined flour, desi ghee, black cardamom seeds. For the filling, make sure you have a block of chocolate, roasted almonds, roasted cashew nuts, roasted pistachios, sugar, garam masala and oil. Fry the samosa in medium heat, when they are half fried, you can increase the intensity of heat and fry them until they are nicely crusty.

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You can serve these samosas at any house party of family gathering. They are best enjoyed hot. Make sure you are not stingy with the chocolate filling. Try this delicious recipe at home and let us know how you liked it. Do write to us if you have more such fun recipes to share.

Source: food.ndtv.com