Today, refrigerator is a must-have in every household. In fact, no kitchen setup seems complete without a refrigerator. You can store raw and cooked food in it for long that helps save time you spend in kitchen every day. But if you look around, you will find various refrigerator options available in the market – each of which comes with its own unique feature and specifications. One such variety is mini fridge. It is a small-sized compact refrigerator that you can set up in your living room or bedroom to store drinks, water bottles and midnight munchies. Some of these fridges are portable too.

We bring you a few such mini fridge options that are compact and can be set up anywhere in the house. The best part is you get these fridges for a whopping discount. The ongoing Amazon Great Indian Festival is offering a month-long sale on various products – ranging for home appliances to everyday essentials.

Here’re 5 Mini Fridge Options For You:

This mini fridge comes with 43-litre gross capacity and 8 temperature settings that help you store vegetables, meat and more. It includes integrated handle, reversible door, dairy rack, drip tray, ice cube tray and a removable metal tray. The best part is, this product comes ready to use and requires no installation or demo.


  • Price: Rs. 7,699
  • Rating: 4.1/5 (as per Amazon)
  • Capacity: 43-litre

33% off

This fridge comes with a 30-litre capacity and requires no defrosting feature. Ideal for a bachelor’s pad, it comes with solid state electronic cooling technology and effective power utilisation. It is compact, sleek and can be kept anywhere in the room. It doesn’t require much space too.


  • Price: Rs. 6,790
  • Rating: 4/5 (as per Amazon)
  • Capacity: 30-litre

20% off

3.Hisense Direct-Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator

This direct cooling refrigerator is economical and has 44-litre capacity. It has a big space with fitted bottle bin to hold bottles of 2-litre capacity. It also comes with a chiller zone that helps you chill the ingredients perfectly. It also comes with recessed handle that is makes the refrigerator a convenient and stylish appliance to add to your kitchen.


  • Price: Rs. 7,490
  • Rating: 4.2/5 (as per Amazon)
  • Capacity: 44-litre

Here we bring you a refrigerator that is convenient, easy-to-use and portable. It has semiconductor refrigeration chip and is freon-free, making it an environment-friendly option for all. It also has a quiet technology that helps keep sound at a minimum. Now on, you can enjoy chilled juice, water etc even on-the-go.


  • Price: Rs. 11,998
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (as per Amazon)
  • Capacity: 4-litre

38% off

Another convenient option for you, this mini fridge is portable, convenient and easy to use. You can store up to 6 cans in it. It is ideal to set up beside your workstation or bar for anytime you need. Beside bottles, you can store dip, spread etc and enjoy them fresh even when you are working out of office.


  • Price: Rs. 8,776
  • Rating: 4.1/5 (as per Amazon)
  • Capacity: 4-litre (approx.)

39% off

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