Muslims around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. Considered to be the most pious month of the year, Muslim people fast throughout the day without a drop of water or a morsel of food. Later, in the evening, they break the fast after the prayers and with a special meal called ‘iftaar’. Iftaar is basically a lavish spread where friends and families come together enjoy various types of sweet and savoury foods including snacks, dry fruits, chaat, pakoda and more. At some places, people even organize iftar party and mark the occasion with utmost grandeur. But due to the sudden surge in Covid cases, iftaar party is a distant dream for all. Instead, people are celebrating staying inside the houses and with just a few people.

Deciding on the menu for Iftaar spread can be tedious at times. And impressing the family, without making things mundane for them is all together a different ball game. Hence, we suggest keep some instant ingredients handy that you can use to prepare a multiple types of dishes of your choice.

Considering this, we handpicked 5 such versatile ingredients for you that make an integral part of almost every iftaar spread. Take a look.

Rooh Afza:

If you have been to any Iftaar party, then you surely have seen rose sherbet or rose milkshake being a constant part of the drink menu. Hence we suggest, keep a bottle of the classic Rooh Afza at home so that you can use it to make sherbet, milkshake and also use it to top kulfi, and other desserts.

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Nutty Gritties Kalmi Dates:

Dates are of great importance in an iftaar ritual. People break their fasts eating dates. Besides you also make dates halwa and use it as sugar substitute in your dessert recipes.

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Happilo Nutmix

The ones who prefer maintaining a good diet even during Ramadan, they prefer having a handful nuts instead of oily, greasy and calorific foods. Keeping this in mind, we bring this packet of nutmix for you. Give it a try.

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Chheda’s Nylon Sev

People love eating different types of chaats in an iftaar spread. So, it is very important to keep a packet of sev at home. You can use a handful of sev to garnish your chaat and enhance the taste.

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Haldiram’s Nagpur Assorted Dry Fruit Bites

We also found assorted dry fruit barfis to add a sweet ending to your Iftaar spread. You might consider keeping a packet of these sweet treats at home.

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