What really is Data Science all about?

It has become a buzz word as far as today’s Information Technology world is concerned. This happens with a lot of technologies which people start talking about as a jargon with no understanding of what is meant by the technology, what falls in its scope and so on. We shall undertake such discussions in a bit of detail. The confusion starts the very moment you speak of data science as part of today’s technical scenario. It comes with its various components. Whenever you speak about the constituents of data science, you basically speak about big data. This is when you also talk of various jobs that form part of Data Science – what really is a Data Scientist’s role, what exactly is the Data Curator’s role, what exactly id the Data Librarian’s role and so forth. In today’s scenario when you speak of it as a field within itself, it essentially deals with large chunks of data.

Hadoop’s role when it comes to Data Science

It essentially refers to big data and large quantities of frameworks which are employed to grapple with this large data. There are quite a number of frameworks which are existing, and they happen to have their own pluses and minuses. Hadoop is the most widespread and popular framework. Whenever you speak of data science, you speak about different analytics, which you have operated on this large chunk of data – you really cannot escape Hadoop. Whenever you are undertaking statistical examination, you do not need to care about Hadoop or any such framework for big data. However, Data Science happens to be a different animal. Also, Hadoop is developed in Java, so it will really help if you understand Java as well.

What in Data Science is R?

R is really a programming language for statistics. You really cannot avoid R since when you speak of different algorithms you need to apply over this large quantity of data in for you to be able to get to the insights of this data or in effect to enable certain machine learning algorithms over the top of it, you need to employ the services of R.

What is Apache Mahout?

Apache Mahout happens to be a library used for machine learning. It has been developed by Apache. Now, what are the reasons for it gaining so much popularity? What precisely are the causes behind it? The real sauce is that it directly integrates to mathematics. It is really not just about the sheer volume of data. It is really about getting useful insights from a given set of data. Mahout happens to have a direct integral equation with Hadoop that allows it to employ Hadoop’s power of processing in implementing its algorithm on a large amount of data. If you take a look at big companies like Facebook and Linked in, you will encounter Mahout implementations.

Source by Shalini M