If there was one food that truly captured the imagination of gourmands across the world this decade, it was the sushi. We have to admit that the popularity of the Japanese delight has truly boomed in the last few years. Many Indian restaurants and cafes also incorporated it in their menu, and found a variety of takers. Sushi is a bite-sized, fish and rice dish that is relished with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger pickle. Many of us refrain from trying out the delicacy since a lot of us are not so comfortable using chopsticks. But guess what, you can grab a bite using your fingers too. Yes, you heard us! Many communities in Japan actually consider it absolutely proper to pick (some kinds of) sushi with the help of your hands. There are plenty of other misconceptions and confusion surrounding the sushi-eating etiquette. We have a handy guide that may be of help.

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The Sushi-Eating Etiquettes You Need To Know:

1. Don’t mix wasabi and soy together. Add Wasabi to your sushi and then bring it to soy.

2. Not comfortable with chopsticks, no problem. It is absolutely okay to pick nigiri and maki with your fingers. You would have to use your chopsticks to pick the sashimi, however.

3. To enjoy the flavours you need to put sushi in your mouth, fish-side down.

4. It is not advisable to mix sushi and ginger in the same mouthful. Ginger is actually a palate cleanser, meant to be eaten on its own, after you have tucked in your sushi.

If you have all the ingredients in place, you can also try making sushi at home. And it is a rather easy feat. Here’s a video with the help of which you can make sushi at home.

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