The start of the New Year 2020 will see people switching to healthy diet and workout regime to lose weight gained during the festive and holiday season at the end of 2019. Just like every New Year, many people will vow to start leading a healthy life and most of them may rely on diet plans to achieve their fitness goals. While there are many fad diets doing the rounds these days, how do we choose the best out of the lot? Nutritionists and doctors don’t favour any diet over the other as their ramifications on overall health can’t be proved. However, a recent study pegged intermittent fasting diet as one of the better ones.

According to the study, the restricted eating-based intermittent fasting diet not just helps with weight loss but may also help you live longer. Yes, if the findings of this study are to be believed, intermittent fasting can increase your longevity apart from providing many other health benefits. The study was a review of past animal and human studies in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Intermittent fasting diet for weight loss is usually followed in two different ways. One form of the diet demands sticking to daily time-restricted feeding; meaning that you are allowed to eat within a particular window of 6-8 hours, and fast for the rest of the time. Another intermittent diet plan limits food intake to one moderate-sized meal for two days each week, without any restriction for the rest of the week.

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How Intermittent Fasting Diet May Help You Love Longer?

The study claims that intermittent fasting diet may reduce blood pressure, aid weight loss and improve longevity.

Alternating between fasting and eating supports cellular health as it may trigger adaptation to age-old periods of food scarcity. This is called metabolic switching.

This switch may improve blood sugar regulation, increase resistance to stress, supress inflammation, blood pressure, blood lipid levels and resting heart rates.

Although, the long-term benefits of intermittent fasting are not know yet, they definitely look promising enough.

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