Watch: Quick And Easy Banana Curry (Kele Ki Sabzi) Recipe Video

Banana curry is sweet and sour in taste.


  • Banana is a powerhouse of nutrients, especially fibre.
  • The fruit can be turned into a sweet and sour banana curry.
  • Watch the recipe video and make this kele ki sabzi at home.

Banana is not just eaten raw; this versatile fruit is used to make many kinds of desserts, drinks and savoury foods like banana chips. Banana’s sweet flavour makes it a great food to be fashioned into delicious snacks and sweet treats. The same fruit can be turned into a sweet and sour curry, which will work as a great side dish in your lavish Indian thali. Banana is a powerhouse of nutrients, especially soluble and insoluble fibre, making it a highly filling food. It is an instant energy booster; that’s why it is also a popular pre-workout food.

This banana curry made with little oil is a healthy dish to include in your weight loss diet. This recipe by food vlogger Manjula Jain can come to your rescue when you need a unique, yummy dish ready in minutes. The recipe video on YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’ shows how to make kele ki sabzi at home in few easy steps.

All you need is some bananas, peeled and cut into slices, and some everyday spices. Cook bananas with spices like cumin seeds, ginger, asafoetida, green chili, turmeric and mango powder. Add some water to make curry, and you are done. Just be careful not to overcook the banana to avoid it from turning mushy and watery.

This banana curry is best served on the side with roti and sabzi to uplift a regular meal. Do try this recipe and let us know how you like it.

Watch recipe video of banana curry (kele ki sabzi) here: 

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