The survey claimed that keto and intermittent diets were most popular in 2019.

Fitness is on everyone’s mind today. Apart from following a strict workout regime, weight loss diet plans are also said to help a great deal. The year 2019 saw a number of diets making their way into the health circuit. Some disappeared as soon as they cropped up and some stuck around for a while; and some proved to be a super hit among dieters who still swear by it. Of them, keto diet and intermittent diet seem to have topped the list of popularity in India in the year 2019. At least that’s what a recently conducted survey by domestic health and fitness app HealthifyMe claims. 

The survey was carried out by analysing responses from 500 nutritionists and trainers across the country. The survey revealed that long working hours and lack of proper sleep due to to binge watching shows on streaming services are the top two social trends that negatively impacted the fitness levels of Indians this year. Also, increased consumption of packaged food and ordering food through food delivery services are among other social trends that played a role in affecting people’s overall health. 

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Keto diet and intermittent diet are popular for weight loss 

The high-fat, low-carb keto diet and restricted eating-based intermittent fasting diet turned out be quite a rage among people trying to lose weight. 

Intermittent fasting diets fall generally into two categories: daily time-restricted feeding, which narrows eating times to 6-8 hours per day, and so-called 5:2 intermittent fasting, in which people limit themselves to one moderate-sized meal two days each week. The type of diet may work for people looking for fat loss, especially if they are into a regular workout routine.

Ketogenic diet or keto diet was initially framed for people with epilepsy but is now being used for other conditions as well, including weight loss, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), acne and nervous disorders. Although, keto diet delivered quick results, it is said it might not be a good option for a long-term weight loss diet as it is very strict and too much fat can lead to serious health issues. 
Apart from keto diet and intermittent fasting diet, vegan diet and carb cycling diet also became popular. 

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