Bathua raita is perhaps one of the best ways to shed some kilos.


  • Bathua is a winter vegetable that has many benefits
  • It is low on calories and rich in fibre that might aid in weight loss
  • Here is an easy bathua raita recipe that you can try at home

Winters are here in full bloom and so is the season of fresh and nutritious veggies! It is the time to soak in the goodness of sarson ka saag with makki ki roti, reap on the benefits of spinach and gorge on methi and what not! In winters, we only think about gorging as much as possible and never about the extra calories that we may load up on. But there’s one winter treat that you can gorge on and also lead your way to weight loss. We are talking about the green leafy veggie- Bathua. Also known as Chenopodium Album, bathua hasn’t got its share of limelight or popularity as compared to other green leafy vegetables but is equally nutritious and tasty. In fact, India is known to be the biggest cultivators of this dark, green leafy winter veggie that holds a rich taste and health benefits.

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Health Benefits Of Bathua:

Bathua leaves are loaded with essential minerals and antioxidants. It is rich in amino acids, which help in cell formation and cell repair. It is known to be a good source of fibre that not only keep digestive issues at bay but also keep us satiated for long duration, keeping unwanted bingeing aside and facilitate weight loss. Bathua is also a powerhouse of Vitamin A, C and B complex vitamins. It has an abundance of iron, phosphorus and calcium. As per the USDA data, Bathua has just about 43 calories in a 100 gm portion which makes it an excellent low-calorie food for a weight loss diet.


Bathua is rich in amino acids, which help in cell formation and cell repair.

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Considering bathua is a highly versatile veggie, there are many ways to include it in your winter weight loss diet such as roti, paratha and even saag but bathua raita is perhaps one of the best ways to shed some kilos.

Here is how you can make bathua raita at home for weight loss:


– Bathua leaves (chopped and boiled)- 1 cups

– Curd- 2 1/2 cup

– Cumin powder- 2 tsp

– Salt- to taste


1. Whisk curd well with boiled and chopped bathua leaves, salt and cumin powder.


2. Transfer into a bowl and serve. You can add chilli powder too.

Try this quick, easy and absolutely delicious bathua raita at home to aid your weight loss diet and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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