Extra virgin coconut oil can help with weight loss.


  • Extra virgin coconut oil offers health benefits including weight loss.
  • It is a pure and natural oil without any chemicals.
  • Here’s how you can include it in your daily diet.

We have always associated ‘extra virgin’ with olive oil.  But, coconut oil too comes in its ‘virgin’ version. It is derived from the kernels of fresh coconuts, which are not subjected to any heat or chemicals; and what you get is pure and natural oil that exudes a strong fragrance and flavour. Coconut oil is used widely in many food preparations, especially south Indian foods. Replacing it with extra virgin coconut oil could give you more health benefits and may also aid weight loss. A study, published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, explains that coconut oil earned a bad reputation for containing hydrogenated oils that may be harmful for health. Extra virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, is produced without using any chemical solvents or high temperatures, and could prove to be a better option.

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Extra virgin coconut oil is pure and devoid of chemicals. 

Why Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Weight Loss?

Apart from many other health benefits, coconut oil may also help with weight loss. Wellness and nutrition consultant Simran Saini says “Coconut oil contains saturated fats, which increase the cholesterol level in the body and may also lead to weight gain. These saturated fats are not found in extra virgin coconut oil. This form of oil has medium chain fatty acids that can be easily processed by our body.”

Extra virgin coconut oil is also known to keep sugar levels stable, which in turn, helps in shedding of excessive fat. 

This oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and polyphenols, which help in balancing of hormones that further prevents weight gain that happens in the case of hormonal imbalance.

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cooking oil

Extra virgin coconut oil can be used in many ways like cooking curries or dressing salads. 

How To Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Weight Loss?

Coconut oil is a popular cooking oil in south India. But, due to its overwhelming aroma and nutty taste, not everyone likes it in their food. The cold pressed version of the oil or extra virgin coconut oil are more muted, and will only make your food taste and smell better.

1. Use extra virgin coconut oil to make curries and saute vegetables. If not all, definitely use this oil to make south Indian delicacies like sambhar or prawn curry.
2. Add a dollop of virgin coconut oil to your morning tea or coffee. It is said that having it the first thing in the morning greatly assists weight loss.
3. Use coconut oil as dressing for your salads.
4. Prepare tempering for your everyday dal in extra virgin coconut oil.
5. Add it to your smoothies for a richer, nuttier taste.

With so many health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil, we suggest you try including it in your weight loss diet and see its magic work on your overall health and fitness level.

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