Sesame seeds are rich in good fats.


  • Sesame seed (or til) is found in many winter sweets and desserts.
  • Til is rich in good fats and is naturally warming.
  • Here are some sweets you can prepare with sesame seeds in winters.

Sesame seed (or til) is found in many foods and desserts, but somehow, it shows up more during winters. We find it in almost all desserts and many savoury dishes as well. Ever wondered why? Sesame seeds are known to be naturally warming, and that’s what we really want to brave the chilly days of winters. Certain foods have the potential to keep us warm by just eating them, and sesame seeds are one of them. Even all the winter festivals like Lohri and Makar Sankranti are celebrated with traditional sweets made with sesame seeds – gajak, rewari, ladoo et al.

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest oilseeds that found their origin in India. They are rich in good fats, calcium, fibre, and other nutrients; but it is their ability to provide warmth to body is what makes them a winter star.

5 Sweets You Can Make With Sesame Seeds (Til)

Til Ke Ladoo

Til ke ladoo is a signature prasad sweet of winter festival – Lohri. The ladoo is made with roasted sesame seeds and jaggery. Saffron is also added to enhance its flavour. People usually make this delight in bulk at the start of the season and keep having them throughout the winters.

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til ladoo

Tik ke ladoo are a popular treat served during Lohri. 

Til Barfi

This til barfi can be made in four easy steps. Roast sesame seeds, saute khoya, make sugar syrup, and mix everything together. Let the mixture cool and cut it out into small barfi pieces.

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Apple Toffee

This dessert is made with black sesame seeds. Small apple pieces are coated in a lush batter made of flour and eggs. The apple pieces are deep fried and dunked in a delicious sugar and sesame glaze.

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Almond And Sesame Pinni

The goodness of two super warming foods packed into one bite. Pinni is a popular traditional winter dessert that is made in almost all households in India. This pinni levels up its healthfulness by adding in almonds shavings and ground sesame seeds.

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Almonds and sesame seeds pinni are a delicious winter treat. 

Almond Granola Bar

Granola bars are making waves in the world of health. They are healthier alternatives to biscuits. Make this winter-special granola bar with sesame seeds, oats, wheat flour, jaggery, honey and almonds. Eat this as a snack whenever you feel the chill.

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Sesame seeds can liven up and warm up any dessert they are added to. Make sure you add them to yours.

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